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Project Management Services

about us

Alliance Engineering Consultant was established with an aim of providing far above the ground quality consultancy services from conceptualization to implementation of the Agro & Food Processing project and timely Execution and completion of work.


Alliance Engineering Consultant is providing its techno commercial services focused in Agro and Food Processing sector across the Country. We provide complete hand holding services for our clients from Conceptualization to Designing and  Implementation of projects.

Project Planning and Feasibility Study

  • Pre-feasibility Study of the Project and existing market analysis of the product to be manufactured.

  • Conceptualization of the Project and Finalization of Project Components.

Project Implementation

 Monitoring and Evaluation Services

  • Preparation of Bankable Detailed Project Report.

  • Assistance in application to Central Government/ State Government to get the Financial Assistance  alongwith Fiscal Incentives like Stamp Duty Refund/ Exemption, Power Tariff Rebate, Rebate in GST/ SGST etc.

  • Detailed Design and Engineering of the Project and Finding out reputed Plant & Machinery suppliers and Civil Contractor

  • Bid Process Management incl. Preparation of Tender Documents, Publishing and comparison of bid  submitted, Finalisation of supplier/ contractor for Equipment Supplier as  well as Civil Contractors

  • Monitoring Construction as well as Installation and commissioning of the Plant and Machinery at project site

  • Timely submission of financial and physical progress status report  of the project to clients.

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Supply Chain Management

  • The real measure of supply chain success is how well activities coordinate across the supply chain to create value for consumers, while increasing the profitability of every link in the supply chain. In other words, supply chain management is the integrated process of producing value for the end user or ultimate consumer

  • ​Managing the relationships between the Farmers and Businesses are into the processing of Agriculture and Horticulture Commodities and to meet the requirement of efficient production  and supply of products from the farm level to the consumers reliably in terms of quantity, quality and price.

  • Advisory to farmers in the catchment area for sowing processable variety of the agriculture and horticulture crops.

  • Linking of Agri-Horti crop grower with Processors of those commodities.

  • To make aware farmers/ growers of Agri-Horti commodities of new technology innovation. 


advisory services

  • Contract Farming Services for better crop management.

  • Market Linkages for Agri-Horti commodities' producers with processors

  • Agriculture/ Horticulture crop Infra Planning and Implementation like protected cultivation etc. 

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​Mandate & Mission

  • We take pride in our depth of understanding of the Indian food sector which has been marked with double digit growth and is the largest segment of retail market in India. India is the largest producer and consumer of food in the world. Increase in disposable income, rapid urbanization, high awareness level as well as efficiency in value chain are few key growth drivers for the processed food industry. Additionally, increasing penetration of modern retail chains, recent spurt in e-commerce, and innovation in food packaging, processing and technology have also created new business opportunities for investors. Fast paced urban life and rapidly shifting lifestyles have triggered demand for many food products such as RTE, fortified and functional food and beverages.

  • To undertake and complete quality Project Management Services with turnkey consultancy services in Agro and Food processing Sector.

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