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F&V Processing Unit’s

  • F&V Packhouse (Apeda Approved)

  • F&V Sorting Grading Unit

  • Ripening Chamber

  • Cold Storage

  • C.A Storage

  • Multi Fruit Pulping & Canning Unit

  • Multi Fruit Pulping, Aseptic and Concentration Unit

  • F&V Dehydration Unit

  • F&V Spray Dried Powder Unit

  • RTS Fruit Drink in PET Unit

  • Pickle and Chutney Unit

  • Ready to Use Garlic and Ginger Paste

  • Tomato Ketchup Unit

  • RTE- Curried Vegetables

  • Instant Soups

  • Fruit Bar/ Toffee

  • Cereal Flakes

  • Squashes, Crushes, Fruit Syrups/ Fruit Sherbets

  • Candied, Crystallized and Glazed F&V Fruit Peel

  • Carbonated Fruit Beverages

  • Fruit Jam& Jelly

  • Frozen Pulp

  • Freeze Drying (RTE, Powder)

  • Fruits Extracted Color

  • Frozen IQF Unit

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