The ideas for food processing companies in India that one can start are:

1.Bakery Business

2.Cashew Processing Business

3.Diabetic Food Manufacturing Business

4.Dairy Business

5.Fruit Juice Processing Business

6.Ginger Garlic Paste Processing Business

7.Grape Wine Manufacturing Business

8.Honey Processing Business

9.Ice Cream Making Business

10.Lemonade Making Business

11.Mineral Water Processing Business

12.Noodles Manufacturing Business

13.Papad Making Business

14.Pickle Manufacturing Business

15.Potato Chips Manufacturing Business

16.Rice Mill Business

17.Spices Business

18.Sunflower Oil Processing Business

19.Tomato Processing Business

20.Salted Snacks Namkeen Manufacturing Business

21.Nutraceutical Foods​ Processing Business

22.Vegan and Plant-based Foods Processing Business

23.Millet-based Foods Processing Business

24.Banana Wafer Making

25.Jam Jelly Making

26.Lemonade Making

27.Fruit Bar Making

28.Fruit Juice Production

29.Meat Processing


31.Packaged Drinking Water Production

32.Palm Oil Processing

33.Paneer & Cheese Production

34.Pickles Making

35. Potato Powder Making

36.Potato Chips Making

37.Rice Bran oil Production

38.Rice Mill

39.Scented Supari Making

40.Soya chunks Processing

41.Soy Sauce Production

42.Spice Powder Making

43.Sugar Candy Manufacturing

44.Sunflower Oil Processing

45.Tamarind Paste Making

46.Vinegar Manufacturing

All of these business ideas cater to the different target audience and there manufacturing depends on various other factors like location temperature, age of the target consumer, the social status of them as all of them won't be concerned about diabetes-friendly food. So, it is essential to understand what are the factors available and can be exploited to ensure that one finds their space in the Indian food processing industry.