Do you know When Ministry of Food Processing Industries Founded?

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI) is a ministry of the Government of India responsible for formulation and administration of the rules and regulations and laws relating to food processing in India. The ministry was set up in the year 1988, with a view to develop a strong and vibrant food processing industry, to create increased employment in rural sector and enable farmers to reap the benefits of modern technology and to create a surplus for exports and stimulating demand for processed food. The ministry is currently headed by Narendra Singh Tomar, a Cabinet Minister who is also the Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare and Minister of Rural Development.

Functions of the ministry
  • ·Policy support and developmental

  • Promotional and technical

  • Advisory and regulatory

Goals of MOFPI
  • Better utilization and value addition of agricultural produce for enhancement of income of farmers.

  • Minimizing wastage at all stages in the food processing chain by the development of infrastructure for storage, transportation and processing of agro-food produce.

  • Induction of modern technology into the food processing industries from both domestic and external sources.

  • Maximum utilization of agricultural residues and by-products of the primary agricultural produce as also of the processed industry.

  • To encourage R&D in food processing for product and process development and improved packaging.

  • To provide policy support, promotional initiatives and physical facilities to promote value added exports

  • MoFPI Inks Pacts with 5 Institutions to Implement PM FME Scheme

Roles of MOFPI
  • The strategic role and functions of the Ministry fall under three categories:

  • Policy support developmental & promotional

  • Technical & advisory

  • Regulatory.