In Gujarat, Customers Can Now Enter Hotel's Kitchen, The Hygiene

The Gujarat government issued a notification asking restaurants and hotels to remove "no entry" signs so that customers can enter their kitchens and inspect the level of hygiene.

The notification was issued by HG Koshia, Commissioner, Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA).

It directed concerned officials to visit restaurants and hotels in their respective areas and remove signboards announcing "No entry" or "No admission without permission" from kitchen doors.

The FDCA also asked restaurant and hotel owners to install transparent glass on kitchen doors so that customers can peek from outside.

A fine of Rs. 1 lakh will be imposed if the directives are not followed within two weeks.

"Now hotel or restaurant owners can not stop customers from visiting the kitchen to make sure that proper hygiene is being maintained. This is important from the health point of view," said the Commissioner.