Incentives to Establish Common Incubation Center under PM FME Scheme

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries launched PMFME Scheme for the development of Micro Food processing Units.

Under the PMFME Scheme, the Common Incubation center scheme was launched,

Incubation Center will be utilized to provide training and skill up-gradation support to the Small and Micro Food Processing Enterprise..

The raw materials will be converted into a finished product by utilizing the primary/ secondary/Tertiary processing and auxiliary units that will be set up at this Incubation Center

Salient features of Incubation Center

  1. The scheme under its Incubation Center would provide the following support

  2. Primary processing facilities like cleaning, grading, and packaging of raw produce

  3. Secondary processing facilities like milling, flaking, minimal processing, thermal processing, brining, and so on

  4. Tertiary processing like processing of Ready to Eat, Ready to Serve, Ready to cook, and so on

  5. Cold storage facilities to store their fresh and processed produce

  6. Re-packing of foods]

  7. Supports product extension lines

Major Project List

  1. Food products based on food Grains (Rice, Wheat & Pulses)

  2. Oilseeds based products

  3. Millets based products

  4. Fruits based products

  5. Vegetables & Tuber Crops related products

  6. Fish and marine products

  7. Meat/Poultry products

  8. Dairy products

  9. Spice products

  10. Plantation crops based products (including coconut and sugar cane)

  11. Minor forest produce(targeting the tribal population)

Basic Eligibility

  1. The Incubation Center should have a minimum of three processing lines and a maximum of five processing lines

  2. Space/area for any Incubation Centers should be a minimum of 7000 sq. ft.

Funding details

Allocation of the fund shall follow the below norms

> Government Institute/Organization: 100 percent of the funding will be provided from PMFME scheme

> Private Agency: 50 percent of the funding will be provided from PMFME scheme and the balance from a private agency

> Private Agency in Tribal Areas, NE States, and SC/ ST category: 60 percent of the funding will be provided from PMFME scheme and the balance from the private agency