Jaggery Manufacturing Unit

Capacity (Input) : 50 TCD

Investment : 4.10 Crore

Project Description

The Jaggery industry has been considered as one of the small scale and cottage industries in India. From the time immemorial, the sugarcane crop has been known as cash crop for Indian cultivators and so also the preparation of jaggery. As much as 45 to 50 per cent of sugarcane crop has been processed annually in to jaggery or Khandsari. The production of jaggery ranges between five million tons and seven million tons. It is estimated that two third of the sweetening requirement in rural areas is met by jaggery. The jaggery industry in the country has thus, been continued to be an industry of great importance and relevance. The economy of the country is closely associated with this industry.

Per capita consumption of sucrose in India is much lower (15 kg) compared to that in developed countries (50 kg), Major share (above 75%) of sucrose consumption in rich countries has been through manufactured foods. But, excessive sucrose consumption leads to a variety of problems such as dental curies and coronary thrombosis. To over-come these problems many of these countries are serious by looking for alternative sweeteners from sugarcane crop. India has one of such ecofriendly sweetener, jaggery and contributes more than 70 per cent to the production of the world. It is being exported to many countries like, Bangladesh, Great Britain, Canada, Chili, Egypt, Fizzy, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal and USA.

Finished Product:

Regular Jaggery

Organic Jaggery

Ayurvedic Jaggery

Jaggery Cubs

Jaggery Powder/ Granules

Jaggery Ganesh

Jaggery Modak

Jaggery Chikki

Land Area Requirement

Land should be located near to the growing Agri-cluster area easily connected with the Transportation Facility. The Project Land/Building should also have easy availability of water and electricity. The ideal land requirements for the project is a minimum of 6000 Sq. Mtr.

Process Flow

Juice Extraction


Low Heating

Addition of Additives



Semi Mass Formation




Cost of Project (In Lakhs)

· Civil Work : 100.00

· Plant & Machinery with Utilities : 280.00

· Other Expenses : 30.00

· (i.e. Preoperative, Contingencies, IDC, etc.)

· Total Cost (In Lakhs) : 410.00

Means of Finance (In Lakhs)

· Promoter Contribution : 120.00

· Bank Loan and Subsidy/ Grant : 290.00

· Total Cost (In Lakhs) : 410.00

Approx Turnover (In Crore) : 12.50

Average IRR for 5 Years : 24.50 %

Above mentioned project details and cost is tentative it may vary on actual project cost calculation.

Subsidy by Central Government (MoFPI)


•Ceiling upto 5 Crore

•35% for General Areas

•50% for Himalayan States

•50% for North Eastern India

•50% for SC/ ST

•Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana

Subsidy by State Government

(Reference: https://www.aecengg.com/food-state-government)

•From 25 to 50%

•Capital Subsidy

•Interest Subsidy

•Air/ Sea Freight Subsidy

•GST Incentives

•Electricity Rate and Stamp Duty

Our Services

•Detailed Project Report

•Assistance for Bank Loan

•Project Planning and Feasibility Study

•Project Implementation

•Monitoring and Evaluation Services

•Supply Chain Management

•Agriculture Advisory Services

•Product Development

•FSSAI License Service

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