Opportunity: Government Provides Incentives on Food Product Sales/Branding/Marketing


Scheme Components:- The Scheme has Three Components mentioned below-

• Manufacturing of Ready to Cook/ Ready to Eat (RTC/ RTE) including millet-based foods, Processed Fruits & Vegetables, Marine Products & Mozzarella Cheese.

• Innovative/ Organic products

• Support for branding and marketing

Categories of the Appllicants:-

Category-I Large Entities falling minimum Turnover Criteria mentioned in the table below.

Category-II SMEs Applicants manufacturing innovative/ organic products.

Category-III: Branding & Marketing activities abroad.

Eligibility Criteria, Category wise:-

*Applicant has to made the Minimum Investment and need to be completed maximum in 2 Years.

* Investment will include Technical Civil Work and Plant & Machinery and Associated Infrastructure i.e. internal roads, storage, testing laboratory and compound wall etc.


• Minimum Sales of Rs 1 crore during 2019-20 for each of the innovative/ organic products proposed to be incentivised;

• Registered with APEDA for the organic product.


• Only Indian Brands.

• Branding & Marketing by the Applicant directly or through its subsidiary.

Computation of Incentives

Incentive= Incremental Sales X Rate of Incentive (mentioned in table below)

*10% Incentive Rate for Value Added Marine products, as specified at Appendix-B for all 6 years.

Base year for calculation of Incremental Sales would be 2019-20 for the first 4 years. For 5th & 6th years, the Base year would shift to 2021-22 & 2022-23 respectively

Disbursement of Incentives:-

• An Applicant shall submit claim for disbursement of Incentive on annual basis that is for the Sales made in the period of April to March of the previous Financial Year.

Our Scope of Services:

  • Assitance on Conceptualization and finalization of Proposed project for Committed Investment (in case of category-I).

  • Preparation of Financial and Technical Reports of the Proposed/ Existing Projects.

  • Preparation of Application and Drafts of supporting documents relating to submission under the scheme.

  • Preparation of the Clarification on the observations of the Ministry (if any)

  • Preparation of Documents relating to claim the incentives.

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