Project Profile : Fruits & Vegetable Canning Unit

Capacity - 1 TPD to 10 TPD

Investment - 50 Lacs to 5 Crores


The canning of fruits and vegetables is a growing, competitive industry, especially the international export portion. The industry is made up of establishments primarily engaged in canning fruits, vegetables, fruits and vegetable juices; processing ketchup and other tomato sauces, and producing natural and imitation preserves, jams, and jellies.


1. Destruction of spoilage organisms within the sealed containers by application of heat,

2. To improve the texture, flavor, and appearance by cooking, and

3. To stop recontamination of food during storage. You should be careful during heat application that the palatability of food is least disturbed while all the microbial load is destroyed.

Raw Material – Fruits & Vegetables

End Product – Canned Fruits & Vegetables

Process Flow Chart

  • Selection of Fruits & Vegetables

  • Washing

  • Peeling & Cutting

  • Blanching

  • Filling

  • Syrup/Brining

  • Lidding/Clinching

  • Exhausting

  • Seaming

  • Processing & Cooling

  • Storage

Land Area Requirement Land should be located near the growing Agri-cluster and are easily connected with the Transportation Facility. The Project Land/Building should also have easy availability of water and electricity. The area required in Canning Unit is starting from 1000 sqm to 4000 sqm.

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