Project Profile: Instant Noodles manufacturing unit


Noodles are one of the popular fast-food item having very good market demand in the country as well as in abroad. Cereals like wheat, rice, maize and millets are staple food grain for majority of population around the world. These are the rich source of carbohydrates and supply of calorie and other nutrients to the consumers.


Noodles are generally used for direct consumption.


Ready to Eat/ Instant Noodles in Plastic Pouches in 100, 200 and 500 Gms.


The primary objective of the model report is to facilitate the entrepreneurs in understanding the importance of setting up unit of Food Processing Line. This model report will serve as guidance to the entrepreneurs on starting up such a new project and basic technical knowledge for setting up such a facility.

Critical Success Factors

There is a very large and growing market of Noodles. Urban market is captured by some national brands. But there is a good scope in semi-urban and certain rural markets as the branded products which are considered to be costly. At the same time, these markets are familiar with noodles due to constant hammering by the established brands by way of advertisements. Thus, it will not amount to concept selling. A good product with attractive packaging and affordable price has good potential. Creation of proper distribution network and product advertisement is also necessary. In other words, good quality, affordable pricing and concentration on semi-urban and upcoming rural markets are the key factors.

Raw Material

Noodles are made with the help of many ingredients with major input being wheat flour. Other materials required are corn and rice flour, protein isolates, salt, spices, edible oil, preservatives etc.


The capacity of the project is 1200 TPA, assuming the working capacity of the machinery is 8 Hrs per day for 300 working days.

Manufacturing Process:

Noodles is the term being used to designate products made from blend of flour , the major component of which is rice flour, buck wheat flour , wheat flour, and from bean , potato , mung bean and corn starch. The major manufacturing process is depend on the presence or absence of gluten. Small amounts of nutrients may be added but these do not affect the organoleptic qualities or processing properties of the material. Water is added in the extrusion step and is removed by drying , except when it is sold as fresh product. Wheat flour noodles are usually produced by sheeting and rolling , while other types are typically produced by extrusion or batter cooking methods. The raw material for Rice noodles is non-glutinous rice which is elastic and enables formation of dough that is easy for extrusion. The Traditional noodles have been modernized and globalised in the form of Instant Noodles. Both rice and wheat flour type instant noodles are steamed and dried or steamed and fried after the cutting stage. The modern instant noodle are steamed and fried in Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil , have a fat content of about 20% and added salt and edible gum and a Shelf Life of 6-8 Month. Instant noodles are fast cooking, needing 2-3 minute boiling or re-hydration in boiling water. Noodles manufactured in different size, hollow as well as solid. The flavour and taste in the instant noodle is created during the re-hydration in boiling water by adding a mix known as tastemaker of different flavour and taste having hydr9olyzed vegetable protein, Sugar, spices, onion powder, edible starch, oil, citric acid, caramel and salt and added flavour.

Land Area Requirement

Land should be located near to the growing Agri-cluster area easily connected with the Road and Rail. The Project Land should also have easy availability of the water and electricity. The ideal land require for the project is 1.00 Acre

Implementation Schedule

It will take Eighteen (18) months to complete all the formalities before starting the commercial production.

Financial Aspects

  1. Civil Infrastructure : 1.00 Cr.

  2. Plant & Machinery : 2.00 Cr.

  3. Other Expenses : 1.00 Cr.

  4. Total Project Cost : 4.00 Cr.

Means of Finance

  1. Equity Contribution (30%) : 1.20 Cr.

  2. Bank Finance (70%) : 2.80 Cr.

  3. Total Project Cost : 4.00 Cr.

Estimated Turnover of the project will be around Rs. 10 Crore with Positive IRR of 23%.

Government Incentives

1. Government of India has designed a Pradhan Mantri KisanSampada Yojana, In Which Capital Grant from Rs. 5 to 10 Crore is being provided as per the scheme guidelines.

2. Considering Agro and Food Processing as a priority sector various state government are also providing Incentives like Capital Investment Subsidy, Interest Subsidy, Labour Subsidy, Tax Benefits etc.

Our firm Provides following Services

» Project Management Services

o Pre-feasibility Study of the Project and existing market analysis of the product to be manufactured.

o Conceptualization of the Project and Finalization of Project Components.

o Bankable/Detailed Project Report

o Assistance in Grant/ Subsidy

o Detailed Design and Engineering of the Project

o Technology Sourcing

o Project Management Consultancy

o Supply Chain Management

o Agriculture Advisory Services etc.

» Food Product Development Services

o Suitable & Innovative Packaging as per product characteristics

o Bio-Degradable Packaging

o Development of range of variant of product with suitable packaging as per the requirement of product.

» Food Safety & Quality Licenses



o Spice Board of India


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