Project Profile : Tea Product Unit


INVESTMENT - 4.10 Crore

Project Description

The proposed project envisions setting up of a manufacturing and blending unit for CTC Tea and Tea Products. Tea Processing is a crucial industrial activity in India. This is so because the country is one of the major producer, consumer and exporter of tea. Tea is a natural beverage brewed from the young leaves of an evergreen plant Camellia sinensis. Considering the potential market opportunity of such units, the present detail project report has been developed. The main objective of such initiative is to productively utilize the abundantly available resources of the local area and to enable uninterrupted supply of the products to market throughout the year. The proposed project would procure the raw materials locally. After processing, the products would be supplied to the market through distributors/ wholesalers/retailers.

Tea is India’s primary beverage with almost 85% of total households in the country consuming tea. Demand supply gap has been increasing in India in recent years. While tea consumption has been growing at 3-3.5% every year, there has been no significant increase in plantation land in the last few years as per the market survey report. Tea trading in India is done in two ways - auction and private selling. Market reports are obtained from six major auction centres in India - Kolkata, Guwahati, Silguri, Cochin, Coonoor and Coimbatore where bulk trading is carried out through the suctions held in these centres.

The Cottage made CTC Tea has great demand among the consumers due to its special manufacturing process, which imparts its quality and aroma. Besides, cottage organic Tea (CTC and Orthodox), Green-Tea also has great market potential. Therefore, few cottage tea factory could be set up in concentrated tea growing areas that will have a steady market for its products.

Land Area Requirement

Land should be located near to the growing Agri-cluster area easily connected with the Transportation Facility. The Project Land/Building should also have easy availability of the water and electricity. The ideal built-up require for the project is minimum 6000 Sq. Mtr.

Raw Material

1.Tea leaves

2.Dry Spices Powder

3.Dry Flower

4.Dry Herbs

Finished Product

1.CTC Tea

2.Blended Herbal Tea

3.Blended Tea with Flowers

4.Spice Blended Teas

Process Flow Chart

1.Spreading the leaf on Withering Trough



4.Operating on C.T.C Machines






Cost of Project (In Lakhs)

Civil Work :170.00

Plant & Machinery with utilities :210.00

Other Expenses :30.00

(i.e. Preoperative, Contingencies, IDC etc.)

Total Cost (In Lakhs) :410.00

Means of Finance

Promoter Contribution :100.00

Bank Loan and MoFPI Subsidy/ Grant :310.00

Total Cost (In Lakhs) :410.00

Approx. Turnover and IRR

Turnover (In Crore) :5.50

Average IRR for 5 Years :22.00 %

Above mentioned project details and cost is tentative it may vary on actual project cost calculation.

Subsidy by Central Government (MoFPI)


•Ceiling upto 5 Crore

•35% for General Areas

•50% for Himalayan States

•50% for North Eastern India

•50% for SC/ ST

•Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana

Subsidy by State Government


•From 25 to 50%

•Capital Subsidy

•Interest Subsidy

•Air/ Sea Freight Subsidy

•GST Incentives

•Electricity Rate and Stamp Duty

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