Ready-to-eat becoming the largest market in the food industry, globally

They are readymade food that just requires boiling. Depending on the process of production and packaging, they are segmented into canned food, frozen food, and chilled food. And because the major drivers of the market are not specific to any region but are globally influencing the market, hence ready-to-eat meal products market is fast growing uphill and has become the largest market in the food industry, globally.

The industry increases the production of ready-to-eat products due to consumer demand like curries/ meals, batters, instant mixes, desserts as well as frozen snacks. Demand for frozen snacks has increased from 25 to 30% after post-COVID-19 than pre-COVID-19 time.

Revenue of ready-to-eat food products is increasing by 20% month-on-month since April last year. The ready-to-eat category will become a necessity and an essential and will no longer be seen as a discretionary spend.

Source: FNB News