Scope of Bio-degradable Food Packaging in India

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With the advancement in technology and general awareness, the packaging sector in India is well poised as most of the raw materials for packaging are abundantly available in the country. Various upgraded technologies are being used in industries such as aseptic packaging, retort packaging, etc. Now, Biodegradable packaging, the latest step in sustainable packaging design to enhance the life of food products is growing day by day. In terms of packaging, the food packaging industry is one growth area that has seen the maximum number of innovations in terms of packaging and branding.

Consumers want their food products to be hygienic, safe and at the same time to look attractive.

Growth in the food processing industry, the biggest (48%) consumer of packaging material in India, is acting as a major stimulant to the growth of the Indian food packaging industry.

India is encouraging the use of sustainable food packaging material due to rising environmental concerns about carbon emissions, increased health awareness and waste reduction targets. Vendors are introducing biodegradable and sustainable forms of packaging to cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging products.

Bio-based polymers, Biodegradable plastics, Oxo-biodegradable plastics, Bio-nanocomposites are the types of bioplastics.

Corn Plastic, Bamboo, Plant fibers, Wood fibers and Mycelium, the part of Mushroom are the Emerging trends in biodegradable packaging.

The global biodegradable packaging market is expected to grow14.3 (US$ Billion) by 2022. There is a shift towards sustainable packaging in China and India, mainly attributed to a rise in health awareness and environmental concerns associated with non-biodegradable packaging.

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