The History of World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16. The day not only makes us realise how privileged we are to gorge on the delicacies of the world but also raises awareness about the not-so-privileged people. The day acknowledges the founding of the Food and Agriculture organisation and also highlights the section across the globe that starves from extreme hunger. The Food and Agriculture Association (FAO) was coined on October 16, 1945, by the United Nations. The year, 2021 will mark the 76th anniversary of this historic day.

History of World Food Day

World Food Day was established in November 1979, as suggested by former Hungarian minister of agriculture and food Dr Pal Romany. It gradually became a way to raise awareness about hunger, malnutrition, sustainability and food production.

Significance of World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the founding of the FAO of the United Nations, every year. This day aims at tackling global hunger and striving to eradicate hunger across the world.

Theme of World Food Day 2021

This year the emphasis of World Food Day is on celebrating food heroes or individuals who have contributed to building a sustainable world where no one has to go hungry. The idea is to contribute to the idea of building a hunger-free world.

In 2020, the theme for World Food Day was, “Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.” This was decided keeping in mind the suffering of millions during the coronavirus pandemic.