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Opportunity in Food Industry


India ranks second in terms of availability of arable land with 127 diverse agro-climatic zones, having a share of 11.2% of the total arable land in the world. In addition, the resource-rich country, has the 6th largest food and grocery market and 5th largest retail market globally. Thus, India is capable of providing world a perfect blend of traditional and hygienic food processed and packaged according to the modern technology

India is also globally acknowledged as the leading producer of agriculturally allied products. It is the world's biggest milk producer . Milk production in India in 2015-16 stood at 155.5 million tonnes. With a total fish production of 10.07 million metric tonnes, India makes for around 6.3% of the global fish production. Hence, India’s vast coastline of 8129 km, makes it third and second largest in fisheries and aquaculture respectively.

Most of the agricultural products are not consumable in their original form, for which they are processed. Wheat is converted into flour, Paddy into rice, sugarcane into jaggery, Sugar, ethanol, alcohol etc. These products can be further processed such as flour into bread. Apart from this, left over part of crop such as risk husk can also be processed to get some useful product for e.g. Rice Bran oil, cattle feed, Sugarcane bagasse can be used for power co generation.

Hence, food processing not merely adds value to the agro products, but also increases their utility. We know that activities in an economy are broadly divided into Agriculture, industry and Services. Food processing Industry is the product of agriculture and Industry.

Opportunity in Food Industry

  1. Fruits and vegetables: preserved, candied, glazed and crystallised fruits and vegetables, juices, jams, jellies, purees, soups, powders, dehydrated vegetables, flakes, shreds and ready-to-eat curries.

  2.  Food preservation by fermentation: wine, beer, vinegar, yeast preparation, alcoholic beverages.

  3.  Beverages: fruit-based, cereal-based.

  4.  Dairy: liquid milk, curd, flavored yogurt, processed cheese, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, blue cheese, ice cream, milk-based sweets.

  5.  Food additives and nutraceuticals.

  6. Confectionery and bakery: cookies and crackers, biscuits, breads, cakes and frozen dough.

  7.  Meat and poultry: eggs, egg powder, cut meats, sausages and other value added products.

  8.  Fish, seafood and fish processing – processing and freezing units.

  9.  Grain processing – oil milling sector, rice, pulse milling and flour milling sectors.

  10. Food preservation and packaging: metal cans, aseptic packs.

  11. Food processing equipment: canning, dairy and food processing, specialty processing, packaging, frozen food/refrigeration and thermo-processing.

  12. Consumer food: packaged food, aerated soft drinks and packaged drinking water.

  13. Spice pastes.

  14. Supply chain infrastructure – this niche has investment potential in food processing infrastructure, the government’s main focus is on supply chain related infrastructure like cold storage, abattoirs and food parks.

  15. The establishment of food parks – a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs investors to enter in the Indian food processing sector.

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