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A fruits and vegetable processing line is a set of equipment used in the food processing industry to prepare, preserve, and package fruits and vegetables for distribution and consumption. The line typically includes a number of different machines and conveyors that work together to clean, cut, peel, blanch, cool, and package the fruits and vegetables.


Infeed Belt Conveyor

  • An infeed belt conveyor is a type of conveyor system used in commercial and industrial settings to transport materials or products from one location to another.

  • 500 mm Wide X 3 Meter Long

  • Food quality endless Belt.

  • Frame of tube/pipe S.S.304.

  • Drive & driven rollers are rubber coated

  • Feed and discharge chute of SS-304.

  • MOC :- S.S 304

  • Electrical Power :- 0.5 HP

Fruit Washer Machine

  • A fruit washer machine is a type of commercial kitchen equipment used to clean and sanitize fruits and vegetables. The machine typically uses water and/or a cleaning solution to wash and remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the produce.

  • High pressure Blower of aluminum body mounted on S.S frame.

  • Water pump to create turbulence action to push forward the Mangoes to elevator.

  • Take off elevator 600 mm wide x 3 m long approx.

  • P.P Belt (food quality) with Product and support flights at 250 mm pitch.

  • Fresh water is spread on Mangoes from top and bottom of P.P belt to clean the Mangoes.

  •  MOC :- S.S 304

  •  Electrical Power:- 1 HP Elevator Drive

  • 2 HP Turbo Blower Drive 1 HP Centrifugal Pump


3 Way Belt Conveyor

  •  A 3-way belt conveyor is a type of conveyor system that has three separate conveyor belts that work together to transport materials or products in different directions. It typically consists of an infeed conveyor belt, a central transfer belt, and an outfeed conveyor belt

  •  Suitable for sorting, grading, peeling, dressing cutting, destoning operations of fruits.

  •  Structure is SS 304 square tube.

  •  Food quality PVC conveyor belts are used.

  • Side waste Chute arrangements are provided for discharge waste.

  • Drive & driven rollers are food grade rubber coated

  • Drive through chain and chain wheel

  • Feed and discharge chute.

  • MOC :- S.S 304

  • Electrical Power :- 5 HP

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